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akkumar commented Dec 31, 2011

Regenerate VAdminProto / VSlopProto / VProto using the protoc 2.4.1 compiler .

Change libraries.


Unfortunately I can not merge this -- LinkedIn is still on protobufs 2.3.0, and there is no backwards binary compatibility.

One approach here may be to investigate doing something equivalent to maven's shade plugin.

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Karthik K reply@reply.github.com wrote:

Regenerate VAdminProto / VSlopProto / VProto using the protoc 2.4.1 compiler .

Change libraries.

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-- Commit Summary --

  • thrift 0.5.0 to 0.8.0
  • cross compile with jdk7 compiler
  • remove unnecessary echo statements
  • specify bootclasspath
  • Revert "specify bootclasspath"
  • Revert "remove unnecessary echo statements"
  • Revert "cross compile with jdk7 compiler"
  • evert "thrift 0.5.0 to 0.8.0"
  • regenerated 2.4.1 code for the proto
  • upgrade protocol buffers from 2.3.0 to 2.4.1
  • add (unsupported) impl for method newBuilderForType(BuilderParent)
  • generated 2.4.1 compiler code
  • protobuf 2.3.0 to 2.4.1

-- File Changes --

M .classpath (2)
D lib/protobuf-java-2.3.0.jar (0)
A lib/protobuf-java-2.4.1.jar (0)
M src/java/voldemort/client/protocol/pb/VAdminProto.java (22224)
M src/java/voldemort/client/protocol/pb/VProto.java (6154)
M src/java/voldemort/serialization/VSlopProto.java (472)
M test/unit/voldemort/serialization/protobuf/ProtoBufSerializerTest.java (5)

-- Patch Links --


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@akkumar Just curious, do you see any strong technical reason for the upgrade?


Closing this, since its not backwards binary compatibility.

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