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  • Exact version on all dependencies (based on lib/jars)

Allows installation of voldemort jar in local repo, setup eclipse, etc.


ctasada commented Apr 8, 2012

Good start point, but I'm missing the junit execution.

I see. If we want to include running tests, this might require more than one project, given that test/unit depends on test/common (and voldemort source itself). A few questions:
Is the project tested using just the tests from test/unit?, what's the prev setup to run these tests?
What about test/integration tests?, when are those tests executed?


vinothchandar commented Apr 18, 2012

Looks good. Can we have the ability to invoke junit and junit-all ant targets from maven? We can then pull this in.

Added test/unit tests (which also depend on test/common).

To support this I had to move to a more complex maven reactor build, the reactor defines modules: voldemort-test module was created in order to include test/common source before running test/unit tests. This is how it looks:

voldemort-reactor (maven reactor)
+- voldemort (main project)
+- voldemort-test (test project)

To install the artifact, change to ./reactor/ and run $ mvn install

To setup eclipse, change to ./reactor/ and run $ mvn eclipse:eclipse # Then import voldemort and voldemort-test projects.

To run tests, change to ./reactor/ and run: $ mvn test

Running the tests stops at "voldemort.server.gossip.GossiperTest"...


voldemort commented Apr 24, 2012

Thanks for contributing back. The team is trying to finish a few projects at this time. Once people are freed up, we will work on this pull request.

astubbs commented Apr 27, 2012

+1, IMO do this, not the IVY integration

astubbs commented Apr 27, 2012

Needs javadoc and source publication as well

astubbs commented Apr 27, 2012

Also needs /src added to resources list

abh1nay was assigned Jul 31, 2012

Is this going anywhere?

Sounds great, when can we expect that to land?

I'm not really fussed about maven vs gradle - I'm concerned with getting Voldemort artifacts upload somewhere public, so I can use them as maven dependencies, instead of building and manually redeploying/packaging every release to our company 3rdparty repo.

Does this build system change include splitting out the client, server and common packages into separate modules?


vinothchandar commented May 23, 2013

@abh1nay can probably answer this with more context..

Would be really nice to have so that adding single dependency in maven would let one start with client/server-based dev ;(

zsxwing commented Jan 9, 2014

+1. Is this still in your plan? It would be really convenient to let someone get involved in Voldemort and contribute.


vinothchandar commented Jan 9, 2014

@hamsterready @zsxwing please refer to this thread!topic/project-voldemort/pXc2hj2Sbrg . Right now, the problem is we need to freeze master for a couple weeks to get this done (changing to maven itself might take only a day or two, then need to make sure this plays well with release process within linkedin). We are not in a position to freeze master now since we are scrambling to make a deadline. (you can look at the rate of commits on master)


vinothchandar commented Jan 9, 2014

I totally hear your pain.. We should mavenize this..

zsxwing commented Jan 10, 2014

Thanks for your reply. Got it. I'm looking forward to seeing Voldemort in a maven repository. BTW, I prefer to gradle:)

Any news on this?


arunthirupathi commented Oct 7, 2014

We have added the gradle support, but could not publish it to the maven
repository as we still have 5 private libs that we could not find it in the

It is in our backlog, but if you are ready to take it over, we can provide
the support required. Carlos from the open source community was looking
into this one as well .


On Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 3:46 AM, Eivind Siqveland Larsen <> wrote:

Any news on this?

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#71 (comment).

wenerme commented Feb 5, 2015

Any maven coordinate ?


arunthirupathi commented Feb 5, 2015

Maven is still on the backlog. But we managed to remove some of the
dependencies but still some of them remains. No one is actively working on
it, if someone from the community can reduce it to just tehuti and tusk,
probably we can get the ball rolling.


On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 5:20 PM, wener wrote:

Any maven coordinate ?

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#71 (comment).


FelixGV commented Feb 5, 2015

Yeah, I think it's going to be a requirement that all of Voldemort's dependencies can be gotten via Maven coordinates before Voldemort itself can be published to Maven Central.

I am going to publish Tehuti to Maven Central pretty soon... I've also fixed the Azkaban dependency in the last release so it's pulled from Maven Central instead of from private-libs.

We need to figure out a way to pull the other dependencies from publicly available Maven repos as well, or to eliminate those other dependencies. Like @arunthirupathi said, this is not high-priority for anyone here, so if the community wishes to help in cleaning up the remaining dependencies, that would be great.



FelixGV commented Apr 15, 2015

FYI: The only remaining dependency to pull from Maven before Voldemort can be published to Maven is BDB-JE... tracked in PR #247.

FelixGV closed this Apr 15, 2015


FelixGV commented Apr 15, 2015

Oups, closed by mistake.

FelixGV reopened this Apr 15, 2015

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