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Voldemort Web Manager

The web manager use the Voldemort admin client to expose a web interface to Voldemort cluster management. It supports:

  • Creation of new stores using JSON serialization
  • Listing stores
  • Displaying JSON schema for a store
  • Listing subset of entries from a store
  • Changing bootstrap URL through UI


First install JRuby. Then run the following command to install the required gems.

sudo jruby -S gem install sinatra emk-sinatra-url-for haml warbler sinatra-reloader


Simply build from the Voldemort root directory using "ant". The web manager is written in Ruby but it needs the Voldemort JARs.


Run the following command in the web-manager directory and point your browser to localhost:4567.

jruby init.rb


The web manager can be packaged as a WAR using the following command from the web-manager directory:

jruby -S warble

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