Keras version of Syncnet, by Joon Son Chung and Andrew Zisserman.
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Keras version of SyncNet, by Joon Son Chung and Andrew Zisserman.

SyncNet paper: "Out of time: automated lip sync in the wild"

VGG webpage: VGG - SyncNet


  1. Libraries required by Python (I used Python 3) are mentioned in the requirements.txt file.

  2. Keras

  3. Pre-trained weights, to be placed in the syncnet-weights directory. Instructions to download and place the files are available in the readme file inside the syncnet-weights directory


  • SyncNet takes input images of size (112, 112, 5).

  • These input images have pixel values between 0 and 255! DON'T rescale image values to [0, 1], keep them in [0, 255].