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Slides and demo code for talks ...

Time Travel Debugging - Intro to the RR Debugger (short talk)

The talk "2018_07_Time_Travel_Debugging-Intro_RR.pdf" is a very short overview of the RR debugger, with some simple examples of how to use the record and replay functions.

Crypto Basics for CPP Developers (short talk)

The talk can be found in "2017_07_CppCryptoBasics.pdf"

It covers the following topics:

  • Quick Crypto Intro (Randmoness, Hashing, Symmetric and Asymmetric Algorithms)
  • How to handle passwords
  • How to encrypt data
  • How to communicate securely

The CppCryptoBasics directory contains demo code for doing security-related things in a reasonable secure way even if you do not know a lot about security. The examples work with OpenSSL and the Botan C++ Crypto library.

The slides and code are here for reference. If you find any issues or security problems, please let me know!

SQL and C++ (german)

An overview of different database access APIs for C++, from native C SQLite3/PostgreSQL to SQLPP11. See the sample application below for code.

Sample application: NotebookDatabase

This directory contains a Demo application showing different ways to interface with Sqlite / PostgreSQL databases from C++.

The demo covers

  • SQLite C API
  • PostgreSQL libpq API
  • QtSql
  • Wt::Dbo
  • Sqlpp11

All need the SQLite libraries and headers and a PostgreSQL libpq. Also the Boost Date-Time headers and libs are needed.

For Qt: (this also includes libs for a Qt GUI client test)

  • libqt5sql5, libqt5sql5-sqlite, libqt5sql5-
  • libqt5quick5, libqt5qml5, libqt5gui5, libqt5declarative5, libqt5quickwidgets5

For Wt::Dbo:

For Sqlpp11:

CPP Serialization (Pack ein pack aus, german)

This is an evaluation of several different serialization frameworks for C++, mainly comparing usage, performance and sizes for several sample datasets. Slides for the talk can be found in 2017_01_Cpp_Serialization.pdf

The evaluation covers the following toolkits:

  • Apache AVRO
  • Microsoft Bond
  • Boost Serialization
  • Cereal
  • Cap'n'Proto
  • Apache Thrift
  • Google Protobuf
  • Google Flatbuffers
  • ASN.1 (internal library removed for public release)

Demo code can be found in the CppSerialization subdirectory. The code uses the Google Benchmark library to testdrive the frameworks. It needs some setup of the respective libraries, and tuning of the CMakeLists.txt file for the respective framework.

A short report of the talk can be found here: