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[HowTo] Bootstrap Switch plugin by marcobisio

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Dear all, in this simple guide I'll explain how to add and use the Bootstrap Switch plugin (

Here we go:

  • Create the Bootstrap switch widget:
namespace MyProject {
    @Serenity.Decorators.element('<input type="checkbox"/>')
    @Serenity.Decorators.registerClass([Serenity.IGetEditValue, Serenity.ISetEditValue])
    export class BSSwitchEditor
        extends Serenity.Widget<BootstrapSwitchOptions>
        implements Serenity.IGetEditValue, Serenity.ISetEditValue {

        constructor(element: JQuery, opt: BootstrapSwitchOptions) {
            super(element, opt);

            this.options.size = "mini";
            element.attr('type', 'checkbox').bootstrapSwitch(this.options);

        public setEditValue(source: any, property: Serenity.PropertyItem): void {
            this.element.bootstrapSwitch('state', source[]);

        public getEditValue(property: Serenity.PropertyItem, target: any): void {
            target[] = this.element.bootstrapSwitch('state');
    export interface BootstrapSwitchOptions {
        state?: boolean;
        size?: string;
        animate?: boolean;
        disabled?: boolean;
        readonly?: boolean;
        indeterminate?: boolean;
        invers?: boolean;
        radioAllOff?: boolean;
        onColor?: string;
        offColor?: string;
        onText?: string;
        offText?: string;
        labelText?: string;
        handleWidth?: string;
        labelWidth?: string;
        baseClass?: string;
        wrapperClass?: string;
        onInit?: any;
        onSwitchChange?: any;
  • Just use in your row (Northwind Product here):
[DisplayName("Discontinued"), NotNull]
[BSSwitchEditor(OnText = "Yes", OffText = "No")]
public Boolean? Discontinued
    get { return Fields.Discontinued[this]; }
    set { Fields.Discontinued[this] = value; }

For set:

public setEditValue(source: any, property: Serenity.PropertyItem): void {
        if (this.element.hasClass('required')) this.element.removeClass('required');
        this.element.bootstrapSwitch('state', source[]);

Hope it helps... That's all folks! Bye

Edit: still something to adjust if the field is required...I let you know

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