A domain availability checker based on AWS Route 53
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DomChk53 is a domain availability checker based on AWS Route 53 domains API. It has two client applications:

  • Console Application (Windows-only)
  • AngularJS web application


Web application

Web application is available here

It supports checking multiple domains and multiple TLDs. Also supports running simultaneous queries. Usage is straightforward:

Enter domain name(s):

Enter the zone apex (domain without TLD) and hit enter. For multiple domains, repeat! It doesn't allow duplicate domain names. In that case the name you entered will be shown in red and it won't be saved as tag in the list.

Enter/select TLD(s):

You can start entering the TLDs manually. There is an autocomplete which would suggest the supported TLDs as you type along. You can also mix and match TLDs and lists. To add a list just tick the checkbox next to its name.

Since there is too many of supported TLDs (293 as of this writing) you can create and save lists to organize them to your liking. By default, the application comes with two predefined lists: All supported and AWS Popular. AWS popular is the list you'd get if you used AWS Management Console. These lists can be deleted and replaced with custom lists

If you select a bunch of TLDs and lists and don't want to repeat this step again, you can click "Save as list" next to TLDs input. The list editor will pop up with the selection you made and you can save it by just giving the list a name.

If your selection contains duplicate TLDs they will be removed in the editor window.

Check Availability

When both domains and TLDs are correctly entered, Check Availability will be enabled. You can start multiple queries without waiting for the previous ones to finish. Currently maximum 2 queries can run at the same time. If you start getting "Rate exceeded" errors, that means you need to slow down. Cancel some queries and try to narrow down your query.

You can cancel the query any time while it's running by pressing the "Cancel Waiting Requests" button in the query's tab. If you don't see this button, that means it's already been completed or cancelled.

You can remove the query tabs by clicking the close icon next to the query title. If the query is still running, it will ask for confirmation. But if the query has been completed and cancelled it will remove directly remove it.

You can have overlaps in a query. This wouldn't cause redundant requests as the duplicates are removed before sending the requests.

Console Application

DomChk53.UI.Console.exe -d {domain names} [options]

[Required] -d, --domain ...: Domain name or names separated with spaces

[Optional] -t, --tld ......: TLD list to check. All supported TLDs are checked if this parameter is omitted

[Optional] -a, --ao .......: Available only. If provided only the available domains are included in the output

[Optional] -n, --ns .......: No save. If provided the output is not saved

[Optional] -s, --separate .: Save each domain output to a separate file


Console application expects the zone apex (without any TLDs) and gets the status of the domain for all the supported TLDs. The output is automatically saved under the executable's folder with the name in this format: results-{ZONE APEX}-{YYYYMMDD}-{HHMMSS}.json. The output is in JSON format. Here's an excerpt from a sample output file

    "Domain": "pdf",
    "Tld": "agency",
    "Availability": "AVAILABLE",
    "CheckDate": "2015-08-07T14:14:32.9197315Z"
    "Domain": "pdf",
    "Tld": "bargains",
    "Availability": "AVAILABLE",
    "CheckDate": "2015-08-07T14:14:35.2387315Z"
    "Domain": "pdf",
    "Tld": "boutique",
    "Availability": "AVAILABLE",
    "CheckDate": "2015-08-07T14:14:44.7627315Z"