A Dynamic DNS tool based on AWS Route 53
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This repository is outdated and may be archived in the future. There's a newer version of this project published at https://github.com/volkanx/dyndns53


DynDns53 is a dynamic DNS tool using AWS Route 53. Your domains need to be hosted on AWS Route53. It has 3 clients:

  • AngularJS
  • WPF Client
  • Windows Service

AngularJS Client

The website for the client is here. You can simply enter your keys and domains here and start using it right away. The keys are stored locally on the browser so nobody will have access to them.

WPF Client

The project has a WPF user interface and a Windows service. Both are using the same library (DynDns53.Core) so the functionality is the same. Using the user interface is pretty straightforward.

Just add your AWS keys that have access privileges to your domains. You can set it to run at system start so you don't have to start it manually.

WPF application can be started at system startup as well.

Windows Service

I built the Windows service using Topshelf. To install it, build the application and on an elevated command prompt just run

DynDns53.Service.exe install

Similarly to uninstall:

DynDns53.Service.exe uninstall