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Little wrapper to send push notifications to pusherover when a long running task completes.
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Push it real good

I've been running a ton of machine learning experiments lately and I wanted something to notify me when my jobs done so I don't have to check my jupyter notebook constantly (or listen for my fans to stop spinning like my laptop is about to execute a vertical take off).


Before running your application you'll need to set some environment variables.

  1. PIRG_TOKEN your API token from pushover
  2. PIRG_USER the user key from pushover


from pirg import Pirg

with Pirg('work complete'):
    #some long running task happens here

After the long running task completes you'll receive a push notification that says work complete.

Alternative usage

If you don't want to set environment variables you can pass the token and user key directly into the Pirg constructor: Pirg('work complete', token='abc123', user='abc123')

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