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Open Source Smart Meter with focus on privacy - you remain the master of your data.
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Build Status is a free smart meter implementation with focus on data privacy.




The easiest way to try out volkszaehler is using Docker:

docker-compose up -d

which will create a database, initialize it and start volkszaehler at port 8080.


For local installation, run the install script from the shell:


Or follow the detailed installation instructions at



Repository structure
 |_ etc/                    configuration files
 |_ bin/                    scripts for imports, installation etc.
 |_ htdocs/                 web UI
 |   \_ middleware.php      middleware
 |_ lib/                    middleware libraries
 |_ test/                   unit tests
 \_ misc/
     |_ docs/               documentation
     |_ graphics/           graphics for docs, etc.
     \_ sql/                database schema dumps
         \_ demo/           demo data


Copyright © 2011-2018 Licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 (

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