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* vzlogger configuration example for InfluxDB
* use proper encoded JSON with javascript comments
* take a look at the wiki for detailed information:
// ... for general vzlogger settings see vzlogger.conf
"meters": [
// examples for InfluxDB as storage
// See vzlogger.conf for complete meter configuration options
"enabled": true, // disabled meters will be ignored
"protocol": "sml", // see 'vzlogger -h' for list of available protocols
"device": "/dev/ttyAMA0",
"channels": [{
"api": "influxdb", // use the InfluxDB api
"uuid": "01234567-9abc-def0-1234-56789abcdefe", // use the uuid command to generate this
"identifier" : "1-0:16.7.0", // OBIS code for "power"
"host": "", // This assumes that InfluxDB is running on localhost
//"database": "vzlogger", // Optional: make sure this database exists in InfluxDB
//"measurement_name": "vz_measurement", // Optional: It is recommended that all your meters have the same InfluxDB measurement name
//"tags": "foo=bar,example=42", // Optional: Additional tags to append when inserting data
//"username": "example", // Optional: When InfluxDB Auth is enabled you need to set the correct user and password
//"password": "secure",
//"max_batch_inserts": 4500, // Optional: Max number of measurements per request. No need to change this
//"max_buffer_size": 450000, // Optional: Max number of measurements to be cached when InfluxDB is not available
//"timeout": 30, // Optional: Time in seconds after which requests to InfluxDB time out
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