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Supplemental information for repos on GitHub that do not have usable package.json files
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SteveSanderson/knockout added package.json for SteveSanderson/knockout
amdjs/backbone adding amdjs/backbone to test out dependency fetching.
angular/angular update angular dep
chaplinjs/chaplin Adding dependencies information for chaplinjs/chaplin
cjohansen/Sinon.JS add Sinon.js
craftyjs/Crafty Change https to http so that the Crafty override works
documentcloud add package.json for backbone for quicker downloads, fetching depende…
dojo/dojox add override for dojox
douglascrockford/JSON-js json2 support
jeromeetienne/tquery Add a package.json for tquery
jrburke/require-cs typo for require-cs url.
kripken First cut at box2d.js package.json
madrobby/zepto better readme, and amd.json for zepto
marijnh/CodeMirror specify CodeMirror as a directory project
mbostock/d3 update d3 link
supereggbert/JigLibJS First cut at making JigLibJS go
.gitignore Add cloudhead/less.js


A set of package.json and amd.json files that serve as "overrides" for github repos that do not have the correct information in the repos themselves.


volo add will look for a "volo" property in a package.json to find a download location for any project that does not follow the default conventions used by volo to find the installable piece of code.

If a project does not have a "volo" property in their package.json for the latest version tag of their project, then this repo is consulted for an override.

See the package.json info on the volo wiki for what kinds of volo information can go in a package.json.


For projects that specify an "amd" section in their package.json, volo add will attempt to convert a dependency to be an AMD module wrapped in a define() call. volo add scans the file, and if it is already calling define() then it will do nothing.

However if the file does not call define, volo add will reach out to this repo and look for a user/repo/amd.json file that specifies the dependencies and exports for the file and use that to wrap the file.

If there is no amd.json file in this repo, then the user is prompted for the answers.

This can be turned off for a particular add by passing -amdoff to the add command: volo add -amdoff.

An example amd.json for Backbone:

    "deps": ["jquery", "underscore"],
    "exports": "Backbone"

If there are no dependencies, you can pass an empty array. Example one for Zepto:

    "deps": [],
    "exports": "Zepto"
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