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Working with the volo code


Pull requests/code that is more than a simple one or two line change will not be accepted unless you have signed a Dojo Foundation CLA.

More information on why there is a CLA and the code style to use, see the RequireJS Contributing page since that info generally applies to volo too.


npm uninstall -g volo
git clone git://
cd volo
npm link volo

Now any development changes you do should show up in your next volo command. You can run volo as you normally would as a global command.

Switch branches to try out different versions of volo.


Make sure to npm install node-inspector then you can do this:

node --debug-brk `which volo` [command]

That will drop you into the debugger. It is best to put a debugger statement in the code where you want to stop execution, otherwise it will be time consuming to step through the individual statements and modules.

If you are on Windows using a git-bash shell, this command may work better:

node --debug-brk "`dirname "\`which volo\`"`/node_modules/volo/bin/volo"

Running Tests

cd tests

Runs the tests. You will need a network connection with access to GitHub to run the tests.