Application best practices

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Here is a set of best practices for your application. By using these best practices, it will be easier for other developers to come on-board with your application and to use dependencies installed by volo.

volo makes it easy to start with these best practices by using volo create. By default it uses the volojs/create-template project template to set up a new project.

Project Layout

  • package.json
  • tools/
  • www/
    • lib/
    • app/
    • app.js
    • index.html
  • www-built/


The package.json file can just start off being empty:


`volo add` will update this package.json with the GitHub IDs or URLs that were used to install dependencies. 

Since volo uses this file to track location/versions that were used for dependencies, you do not need to name your dependencies with their version numbers. This results in overall less typing, and when using an AMD loader in the HTML, no configuration, just convention-based loading.