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What's in?

  • shtml - RDoc's generator to build searchable documentation

  • sdoc-merge - comand line tool to build merge multiple sdoc documentations packages into a single one

  • sdoc - command line tool to run rdoc with generator=shtml

Getting Started

sudo gem install sdoc
sdoc -N projectdir

Command line sdoc

sdoc is simply a wrapper to rdoc command line tool. see sdoc --help for more details. --fmt is set to shtml by default. Default template -T is shtml. You can also use 'direct' template. Example: sdoc -o doc/rails -T direct rails


# Rakefile
require 'sdoc' # and use your RDoc task the same way you used it before do |rdoc|
  rdoc.rdoc_dir = 'doc/rdoc'
  rdoc.options << '--fmt' << 'shtml' # explictly set shtml generator
  rdoc.template = 'direct' # lighter template used on


Usage: sdoc-merge [options] directories
    -n, --names [NAMES]              Names of merged repositories. Comma separated
    -o, --op [DIRECTORY]             Set the output directory
    -t, --title [TITLE]              Set the title of merged file

Example: sdoc-merge --title "Ruby v1.9, Rails v2.3.2.1" --op merged --names "Ruby,Rails" ruby-v1.9 rails-v2.3.2.1

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