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WORK IN PROGESS: This WIKI isn't up to date. We are working on...

Open source software to connect and run your RPAS system.

Archi Volons

Main components

vehicles DJI / Px4

Volons provide piece of software to connect with DJI as an Android Mobile native application (JAVA), and a MAVRos Mavlink proxy for open source flight controller like PX4, Arducoper and much more.


ControlStation works as cloud ready multi-uav ground station. Connect drones to run javascript mission.


Volons provide a 'Simple and Stupid' web application to view what's going on ConstrolStation.

Javascript API

Manage drones from your System using Javascript.


Simulator comes as a Docker file to test Javascript API.

Installing volons:

use npm i volons to install Volons in your nodejs application. Get started with a new RPAS project:

mkdir newRpasProject
cd newRpasProject
npm i volons
touch index.js

Coding mission: const mission = new Volons.mission();

This javascript sample commes from getstarted folder.

// index.js
// a very simple mission.
const Mission = require( 'volons' ).Mission;

const mission = new Mission( process.env.controlStationUrl );

mission.takeoff( 30 );;;

mission.onNewVehicle( vehicle => {
	mission.init( vehicle ); mission );
	} );

Learn more about volons javascript API Read The Flying Manuel.

local stack

Docker compose start every thing to test and run your code:

  • control station and monitoring web application
  • MAVLink simulator

Get volons' docker from dockerhub page to run separately. The simplest way to test your code is to run:

docker run volons

Run / monitor

Export env to connect the control station. Open monitor web application and run mission.

open http://[DOCKER_IP]:42421]()
node index.js
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