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docs: advanced customization expanded with use-cases

The docs now address the specific situation how the dashboard and menu
can be replaced.
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Advanced customization
-For advanced dashboard or menu layouts, the classes
-provided by `django-admin-tools` and `fluent-dashboard` can be overwritten.
-These custom classes can be used in the setings:
+For advanced dashboard or menu layouts bejond the normal :doc:`settings <configuration>`,
+the classes provided by this package (and additionally `django-admin-tools`) can be overwritten.
+Changing the dashboard layout
+To change the widget layout, extend the :class:`~fluent_dashboard.dashboard.FluentIndexDashboard` class
+and create the new module layout in the :func:`~fluent_dashboard.dashboard.FluentIndexDashboard.__init__`
+or :func:`~fluent_dashboard.dashboard.FluentIndexDashboard.init_with_context` function.
+The custom dashboard class can be loaded by referencing them in either one of these settings:
-The existing modules in ``fluent_dashboard.modules`` could be reused off course.
+Any existing classes from the ``fluent_dashboard.modules`` package could be reused off course.
.. seealso::
When customizing the dashboard module layout, dont forget to look at the `django-admin-tools <>`_
package and :ref:`other applications <otherapps>` for additional modules to use. These packages have modules for RSS feeds,
Varnish/Memcache status, and even tabbing/grouping items.
+Changing the menu layout
+The menu layout can be changed by extending the :class:`` class,
+and overwriting the :func:`` function.
+The custom menu class can be loaded by referencing it in the setting:
Available classes

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