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StarForks - a simple html5 game.

A simple space battleship game where you can collect powerups that somehow resemble git verbs, and use them to fight your enemies! It's a 2D game with infinite levels where you get scored by the distance/time you stay alive, your accuracy and the enemies you kill.

To play the game just go to:

Tech Information

This game is entirely build over the HTML Canvas element, using a customized version of GameJS that is AMD compliant and has some bugfixes that I will try to contribute to the project later. I used RequireJS as the AMD implementation.

If you want to run this project locally, just clone the source code and open index.html in your browser of choice (Only tested it Chrome and Firefox).

You would have to make sure to serve the files using a http server and not just try to open it from you hard drive (file://). If you have Python installed (who doesn't?), you can just use:

cd path/to/source
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

Open http://localhost:8080 and have fun!

Open Source projects used

My customized version of GameJs can be found in /static/js/libs/gamejs

Graphic Art

I used Kenney Vleugels' spaceship and puzzle graphics.

Game Information


  • W/S/A/D: Move
  • Mouse: Aim
  • Mouse Left Button: Shoot
  • Space: Missile
  • ESC: Pause/Unpause


A I said before, every powerup is a git verb and does something related to it.

  • Cloning: will get you (clone you) a new life.
  • Forking: will get you more fork (ammo) power.
  • Branching: will branch your laser guns.
  • Pulling: will automatically pull to you every powerup you see for a limited time.
  • Pushing: Nothing will stop you, you will push enemies and lasers away.
  • Stashing: will stash a new powerful missile.

More information

See or send me a message.