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Plasma MVP

Build Status

Install dependencies with

$ npm install

Run test cases:

# start test rpc server (which starts server on localhost:8545)
$ npm run testrpc

# run test cases
$ npm run test


# start test rpc server or you can start `geth`/`parity` node
$ npm run testrpc

# deploy contracts
$ npm run deploy

# start authority's server
$ npm run authorized-dev

# start dev server
$ npm run dev


# build server
$ npm run build

# start server
$ npm start


$ npm run testrpc # or use actual ethereum node (check configurations)
$ npm run authorized-node # or simple dev node => npm run dev

# start cli (`-p` option provides a way to accept sender's private key)
$ ./src/cli/index.js -p '9b28f36fbd67381120752d6172ecdcf10e06ab2d9a1367aac00cdcd6ac7855d3'
plasma > .help


You can override default configurations by creating config.env file in root directory and adding following variables:

Variable Description Default
APP_NAME Name shown on UI Plasma chain
APP_PORT Server port 8080
CHAIN_DB Level db location ./db
CHAIN_BLOCK_PERIOD Plasma chain block period. After every block period, new plasma block will be created, if necessary. 6
CHAIN_WEB3_PROVIDER Web3 http provider URL http://localhost:8545
CHAIN_ROOT_CONTRACT Contract address for root contract 0xb4ee...a6a
CHAIN_AUTHORITY_ADDRESS Authority address for PoA 0x9fB2...791
CHAIN_AUTHORITY_PRIVATE_KEY Authority's private key for PoA 0x9b28...5d3
NETWORK_EXTERNAL_HOST Network's external host (for sync)
NETWORK_PORT Network's port (for sync) 8081
NETWORK_PEERS Pre-defined peers (for sync)
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