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Build Status dependencies Open Source Love License: GPL v3 Awesome js-semistandard-style Volumio

Volumio is an headless audiophile music player, designed to play music with the highest possible fidelity. Volumio runs on most embedded devices (Raspberry Pi, UDOO, Odroid, Cubieboard, Beaglebone, Pine64, Allo Sparky...) and on any ordinary PC (x86).

Volumio 2 System Images



  • user : volumio
  • password : volumio

Root login via ssh has been disabled by default, however user volumio can become root.


Developers are welcome! Check out the resources:

Volumio 2 Virtual Machines

Some VM images are available, although they're not always kept up-to-date. It can be an alternative to developing directly on target (Raspberry Pi, or whatever).

VMWARE Image is suggested, as Network configuration is tricky with Virtual Box

System Images built with Volumio Builder