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Gitter Build Status codecov License: MPL 2.0

Support education and innovation in New Zealand Schools with industry experts and volunteers in the classrooms

How to join the community

You don't need permission to help - its open.

This is an open source project and you are welcome to contribute at any level you feel comfortable. Find out more about the project at the Website and then...

  1. Say hi or ask questions in the gitter chat room above
  2. email to tell us about yourself
  3. Start Reading documentation
  4. Build the code - below
  5. Add yourself to the CONTRIBUTORS file, check it in and send us a pull request - see this ticket VP-82
  6. Come along to a Drop in Wednesday Afternoon or after work social at our Auckland office
  7. Come along to one of our developer events - see for the latest details.

How to build it is based on the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React+Redux, Node) software stack but also uses next.js to keep things clean and simple.

and everything should work out of the box. There are two choices:

  1. install NodeJS and MongoDB and run locally.
  2. install Docker and run in a container.

Install NodeJS and MongoDB and run locally.


You will need:

  • git You may already have it. Verify with git --version

  • nodejs. Verify this with node -v which should return a current version. e.g. v11.12.0

You will also need to be connected to the Internet and be prepared for some downloads. (sometimes corporate firewalls make this difficult - go get a coffee and use theirs.)

  • MongoDB or setup a free account in the cloud - but if you do this you will need to change the MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/vly-test connection string in your environment or in package.json to point at your cloud URL.

For mac users brew install mongodb should be all you need to do.

  • start the mongodb service

For mac users: mongod

For windows users: Run command prompt as adminstrator, then run net start mongodb

Get the source code

git clone
cd vly2
npm install

npm install may take several minutes as it pulls in all the dependent packages.

Available Commands

  1. npm run dev - starts the development server with hot reloading enabled

  2. npm run build - bundles the code

  3. npm run test - start the test runner

  4. npm run start - runs production server

  5. npm run check-coverage - generates test coverage report

  6. npm run lint - runs standard to check for lint errors ( npm run fix to fix lint errors )

Once you see the message " is running on port: 3122! Be Awesome!" then you can open your browser at http://localhost:3122.

If you see the message "Please make sure Mongodb is installed and running!" then go back and start mongod.

Press control+C to exit the node application.

Install Docker and run in a container.

You can use this option if you quickly want to see what the application looks like.

You will need:

Get the source code

git clone
cd vly2
npm install

Start the Containers

docker-compose up -d --build

Note this may take a few minutes the first time you run it as it will download some images. Also once the command returns the services are still starting up so it will be a minute before you can visit the webpage.

You are in.

You will now be able to see the application (if not then ask for help on our Gitter channel.


To halt the containers run:

docker-compose down

More information at Using Docker and Docker Compose

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