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Create Macintosh applications for launching different firefox profiles

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Used to create Macintosh applications for launching different firefox profiles.


./ <profile-name> [<application-name>]

By default, creates an application named Firefox-<profile>.app. You can specify <application-name> to change this.

The profile name ProfileManager is a special case that will create an application that launches the Firefox profile manager.

To see all options:

./ -h

Note this requires you have Firefox installed as /Applications/ (you can change the path with the -A option).

Creating .icns files

  • Open OmniGraffle and drag existing icns into a new document.

  • Edit as you wish.

  • Export as png (with transparent background)

  • Open /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Icon

  • Under File select New ICNS

  • Drag png into each of the different sizes

  • Save As... filename as you wish.


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