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function _session_complete()
# Function for use in complete
# E.g.: complete -F _session_complete bash_sessions
local _command=${1}
local _word_being_completed=${2}
local _previous_word=${3}
local _words=""
local _cmds="delete exec -h help in-session launch list name nosave save"
case ${COMP_CWORD} in
1) # First argument must be command
2) # Second argument.
# Complete on session list only for arguments that take
# a session name.
case ${_previous_word} in
_words=$(bash_sessions list)
COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "${_words}" ${_word_being_completed}) )
function _session_ps1()
# Return string for inclusion in PS1
# Returns nothing if not in session
# Optional argument is format string, default is [%s]
# Example: PS1="(\u@]h)$(_session_ps1) $"
test -n ${BASH_SESSION} || return
printf "${1:-[%s]}" ${$BASH_SESSION}