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;; my-menu.el
;; General menu enhancements
;; $Id$
(defun toggle(variable)
"Toggle a variable passed in by symbol."
(if (symbol-value variable) (set variable nil)
(set variable t)))
((and modify-menu is-xemacs)
;; Remove Default Options menu
(delete-menu-item '("Options"))
;; Remove Default Apps menu
(delete-menu-item '("Apps"))
;; Remove Default Edit menu
(delete-menu-item '("Edit"))
;; Add my own Options menu
(add-submenu nil '("Options"
["Read Only" (toggle-read-only)
:style toggle :selected buffer-read-only]
["Overwrite" overwrite-mode
:style toggle :selected overwrite-mode]
["Word Wrap" auto-fill-mode
:style toggle :selected auto-fill-function]
["Adaptive Fill" (toggle 'adaptive-fill-mode)
:style toggle :selected adaptive-fill-mode]
;; XXX mouse-yank-at-point undefined here
;; ["Paste at cursor" (toggle 'mouse-yank-at-point)
;; :style toggle :selected move-yank-at-point]
("Paren Highlighting"
["Off" (paren-set-mode -1)
:style radio :selected (not paren-mode)]
["On" (paren-set-mode 'paren)
:style radio :selected (eq paren-mode 'paren)]
["Blinking" (paren-set-mode 'blink-paren)
:style radio :selected (eq paren-mode 'blink-paren)]
["Expression" (paren-set-mode 'sexp)
:style radio :selected (eq paren-mode 'sexp)]
["Use Spaces" (setq indent-tabs-mode nil)
:style radio
:selected (eq indent-tabs-mode nil)]
["Use Tabs" (setq indent-tabs-mode t)
:style radio
:selected (eq indent-tabs-mode t)]
["Width 2" (setq tab-width 2)
:style radio
:selected (eq tab-width 2)]
["Width 4" (setq tab-width 4)
:style radio
:selected (eq tab-width 4)]
["Width 8" (setq tab-width 8)
:style radio
:selected (eq tab-width 8)]
["C" (c-mode)
:style radio
:selected (string-equal major-mode "c-mode")]
["Fundamental" (fundamental-mode)
:style radio
:selected (string-equal major-mode "fundamental-mode")]
["Perl" (perl-mode)
:style radio
:selected (string-equal major-mode "perl-mode")]
["Lisp" (lisp-mode)
:style radio
:selected (string-equal major-mode "lisp-mode")]
["Emacs-Lisp" (emacs-lisp-mode)
:style radio
:selected (string-equal major-mode "emacs-lisp-mode")]
["Ksh" (ksh-mode)
:style radio
:selected (string-equal major-mode "ksh-mode")]
["HTML" (html-mode)
:style radio
:selected (string-equal major-mode "html-mode")]
;; Add stuff to Tools menu
(add-menu-button '("Tools") ["Man" manual-entry t])
(add-menu-button '("Tools") ["Calendar" calendar t])
(add-menu-button '("Tools") ["BBDB" bbdb t])
(add-menu-button '("Tools") ["----" nil nil] "Calendar")
;; Formating
(add-submenu '("Tools") '("Format"
["Paragraph" fill-paragraph t]
["Region" fill-region (region-active-p)]
["Region as Pragraph"
fill-region-as-paragraph (region-active-p)]
["Prefix region" prefix-region (region-active-p)]
["Set prefix" set-fill-prefix t]
["Clear prefix"
(save-excursion (beginning-of-line)
(set-fill-prefix)) t]
["Set column" set-fill-column t]
["Center Line" center-line t]
;; Spell Check
(add-submenu '("Tools") '("Spell"
["Buffer" ispell-buffer t]
["Region" ispell-region (region-active-p)]
["Word" ispell-word t]
["Continue" ispell-continue t]
["Complete Word" ispell-complete-word t]
["Complete Word Frag" ispell-complete-word-frag t]
;; Tabify
(add-submenu '("Tools") '("Tabify"
["Tabify Region" tabify (region-active-p)]
["Untabify Regfion" untabify (region-active-p)]
;; Macro Recording
(add-submenu '("Tools") '("Macro Recording"
start-kbd-macro (not defining-kbd-macro)]
["End" end-kbd-macro defining-kbd-macro]
["Execute" call-last-kbd-macro last-kbd-macro]
;; Searching
(add-submenu '("Tools") '("Search"
["Forward" isearch-forward t]
["Reverse" isearch-backward t]
["Replace" query-replace t]
["Regexp Forward" isearch-forward-regexp t]
["Regexp Reverse" isearch-backward-regexp t]
["Regexp Replace" query-replace-regexp t]
;; Add stuff to File menu
(add-menu-button '("File")
["Recover File" recover-file t] "Insert File...")
(add-menu-button '("File") ["Dired" dired t] "Recover File")
(add-menu-button '("File") ["Insert Buffer..." insert-buffer t]
"Insert File...")
(add-menu-button '("Tools") ["Shell" shell t] "Shell Command...")