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;; my-mud.el
;; $Id$
(defun moo-send-string (string)
"Send STRING as input to the current moo. Doesn't append carriage return."
(send-string (mud-process mud-here) string)
(defun moo-@who()
"Do @who."
(moo-send-string "@who\n")
(defun moo-look()
"Do look."
(moo-send-string "look\n")
(defun moo-ncsa()
"Autoconnect to the NCSA moo."
(mud "Rivendell" t)
(defun moo-wfg()
"Autoconnect to the NCSA moo."
(mud "WFG" t)
(defun my-moo-mode()
;; Call original hook
(setq mode-popup-menu
["Quit" mud-quit t]
(add-submenu nil mode-popup-menu)
(add-to-list 'moo-filter-hook 'mud-check-to-you)
(autoload 'mud "mud")
(if is-ms-windows
(setq mud-entry-file "~/local/mud_worlds")
(setq mud-entry-file "~/private/mud_worlds")
mud-use-entire-window t
mud-delete-macro-window t
moo-mode-hook 'my-moo-mode
use-suppress-all-input t
(global-set-key "\C-cm" 'moo-ncsa)
(if (and modify-menu is-xemacs)
(add-menu-button '("Tools") ["Mud" mud t])
(add-menu-button '("Tools") ["NCSA" moo-ncsa t])
(add-menu-button '("Tools") ["WFG" moo-wfg t])
;; Copied from mud-check-page()
(defvar mud-show-to-you nil
"*if non-nil, pop up MUD buffer whenver someone says something to you.")
(defvar mud-to-you-regexp "[^ ]* \\[to you\\]:"
"*Regex for detecting if someone says something to you.")
(defun mud-check-to-you ()
"Look for message to myself, and pop-up buffer if specified."
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (not (eobp))
(if (and mud-show-to-you (looking-at mud-to-you-regexp))
(display-buffer (current-buffer))
(message "You are being talked to in %s"
(buffer-name (current-buffer)))))
(beginning-of-line 2)))
(setq mud-show-to-you t)
(setq mud-show-page t)
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