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;; my-w3.el
;; $Id$
;;; W3 is a browser for the World Wide Web, and takes advantage of the very
;;; latest redisplay features in XEmacs. You can access it simply by typing
;;; 'M-x w3'; however, if you're unlucky enough to be on a machine that is
;;; behind a firewall, you will have to do something like this first:
;; Delay loading images
;;; Broken at the moment
w3-delay-image-loads t
w3-default-homepage ""
w3-hotlist-file "~/www/bookmarks.html"
;;; Don't let documents set background color
w3-user-colors-take-precedence t
;;; Don't let documents set font
w3-user-fonts-take-precedence t
(defun vons-w3-init()
"My W3 initialization."
(delete-menu-item '("Edit"))
(add-hook 'w3-mode-hook 'vons-w3-init)