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pyder - Python/Mako static website generate

Pyder is a simple Python and Mako based static website generator (a "python spider"). It supports processing files with Markdown.

Pyder is "simple" which means it does exactly what I want, how I want it. Maybe you will find it the same; if not, there are a number of alternatives.


You create your website with files named as they will be in your website. As discussed subsequently, you can have some of these files processed by Mako as they are copied over.

The Configuration File##

In addition to your website files you create a configuration file in the root directory of your website. This file specifies what files should be copied over without processing and what files should be processed by Mako.

Example portion of

# Files to process
process = [ "*.html", "*.txt", "*.md" ]

# Files to copy without processing
copy = [ "*.php", "*.css", "*.asc", "*.jpg", "*.ico" ]

# Files to rename while copying
rename = { "current" : "new" }

The process and copy lists are lists of globs. The rename list is a dictionary mapping current names to new names.

Typically you will create a _templates directory to hold your Mako templates. You specify this with the site_template_dir variable in

# Where site templates are stored
site_template_dir = "_templates"

You can specify directories to be ignored using dirs_to_skip:

# Directories to skip
dirs_to_skip = [ "_*" ]

You can specify extra variables to subsitute in your templates using variables:

variables = {
    "myname" : "J. Webmaster",
    "email" : "",

The pyderweb script

The script to convert your templates to the final product is pyderweb. The usage is:

pyderweb generate <template directory> <output directory>

pyderweb reads and processes based on its directives.

pyderweb can also serve the resulting website, for example:

pyderweb serve <output directory>

Will serve the website on localhost:8000 for testing.

Markdown Support

Any files with a .md extension will be processed with Python Markdown resulting in a .html file.

Note that must include *.md in the process array for .md files to be processed.


For a simple example, see pyder/example.


Python/Mako-based static website generator.






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