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Python WebUI to manage Nginx white-listed IP addresses
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Alohomora is a python WebUI designed to manage Nginx white-listed IP addresses.

The web interface allows you to add and remove IP addresses from a list. These IP addresses are stored in a SQLite database and associated with a label and an expiration date. As soon as an IP address is added, deleted, or expired, an allow.conf file is generated. A watcher automatically detects any change in the allow.conf file and copies it in the Nginx configuration directory before reloading Nginx.

Web interface of Alohomora

This project is based on Blusky's work (


You have to install docker and docker-compose ( Remember to set your own token as an environment variable ALOHOMORA_TOKEN in docker-compose.yml!

$ git clone
$ cd Alohomora-Docker
$ docker-compose up -d

You will need to install inotify to detect changes to the allow.conf file. Make sure the script is executable and run it as a daemon (you can redirect stdout to a log file). Remember to change the NGINX_VHOST_DIR and ALOHOMORA_DIR values to fit your directory organization!

$ sudo apt install inotify-tools
$ chmod +x web-alohomora/ 
$ setsid ./ >alohomora.logs 2>&1 < /dev/null &



Web interface


This source code may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.0 as published by the Free Software Foundation and appearing in the file LICENSE included in the packaging of this file. Please review the following information to ensure the GNU General Public License version 3.0 requirements will be met:

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