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Kali Linux comes with the tool ike-scan pre-installed already. However, what happens if you need to run this against 50 VPN gateways? Sure you can wrap it in a for loop, but this tool simplifies this process by outputting the PSK in a file (if found) for each respective device, and also provides a nice output table for you. The table looks great for reporting purposes. :)


Create a file that contains a list of IP addresses (of VPN gateways) and then run the tool. Here's an example of the usage menu:

[07.22.2017/21:34:09] root@box $ ./ike-aggressive-scanner.rb 

    IKE Aggressive Mode Scanner - Alton Johnson (alton@vonahi.io)

  Usage: ./ike-aggressive-scanner.rb -f vpn_gateways.txt

  -f     Specifies file containing IP addresses for scanning.