High performance, easy to use multithreaded memcached client in java.
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XMemcached is a high performance, easy to use blocking multithreaded memcached client in java. It's nio based and was carefully turned to get top performance.



1.Supports all memcached text based protocols and binary protocols(Binary protocol supports since version 1.2.0).

2.Supports distributed memcached with standard hash or consistent hash strategy

3.Supports for JMX to allow you to monitor and control the behavior of the XMemcachedClient.Change the optimizer's factor or add/remove memcached server dynamically

4.Supports weighted server.

5.Supports connection pool.You can create more connections to one memcached server with java nio.(since version 1.2.0)

6.Supports failure mode and standby nodes.

7.Supports integrating to spring framework and hibernate-memcached.

8.High performance.

9.Supports talking with kestrel(a MQ written in scala) and TokyoTyrant

##Maven dependency

If you use maven,you can use xmemcached by



###How to build project by maven?

  Type command "mvn -Dtest -DfailIfNoTests=false assembly:assembly" to build the project.Maven will download the dependencies automacly and build project.

###How to run unit tests?

  The test.properties file under the src/test/resources folder is used for setting memcached test server.
  Please set test.memcached.servers property,Then run the AllTests class with jvm option "-ea".

###Is Xmemcached compatible with jdk5?

 Yes,since 1.2.0-RC1,Xmemcached is compatible with jdk5.


    //New a XMemcachedClient instance
     XMemcachedClientBuilder builder = new XMemcachedClientBuilder(AddrUtil.getAddresses("localhost:11211"));
     XMemcachedClient client=builder.build();

    //If you want to use binary protocol
     XMemcachedClientBuilder builder = new XMemcachedClientBuilder(AddrUtil.getAddresses("localhost:11211"));
     builder.setCommandFactory(new BinaryCommandFactory());
     XMemcachedClient client=builder.build();

    //If you want to use xmemcached talking with kestrel
    XMemcachedClientBuilder builder = new XMemcachedClientBuilder(AddrUtil.getAddresses("localhost:11211"));
    builder.setCommandFactory(new KestrelCommandFactory());
    XMemcachedClient client=builder.build();

    //If you want to store primitive type as String

    //Add or remove memcached server dynamically
    client.addServer("localhost:12001 localhost:12002");
    client.removeServer("localhost:12001 localhost:12002");

    //get operation
    String name =client.get("test");

    //set add replace append prepend gets
    client.add("hello", 0, "dennis");
    client.replace("hello", 0, "dennis");
    client.append("hello", 0, " good");
    client.prepend("hello", 0, "hello ");
    GetsResponse response=client.gets("hello");
    long cas=response.getCas();
    Obejct value=response.getValue();

    //incr decr

    client.cas("a", 0, new CASOperation() {
                    public int getMaxTries() {
                                return 1;  //max try times
                    public Object getNewValue(long currentCAS, Object currentValue) {
                                System.out.println("current value " + currentValue);
                                return 3; //return new value to update


    Map<InetSocketAddress,Map<String,String>> result=client.getStats();

    // get server versions
    Map<InetSocketAddress,String> version=memcached.getVersions();

    //bulk get
    List<String> keys = new ArrayList<String>();
    Map<String, Object> map = client.get(keys);

##Enable jmx support

     java -Dxmemcached.jmx.enable=true [YourApp]

Access MBean through


##Integrate to spring framework

         <bean name="memcachedClient"
                        <property name="servers">
                                  <value>localhost:12000 localhost:12001</value>

##Set server's weight

  //set weight to 2

  //or through XMemcachedClientBuilder,pass a weight array to XMemcachedClientBuilder constructor
  MemcachedClientBuilder builder = new XMemcachedClientBuilder(AddrUtil.getAddresses("localhost:12000 localhost:12001"),new int[]{1,3});
  builder.setSessionLocator(new KetamaMemcachedSessionLocator());
  MemcachedClient memcachedClient=builder.build();

More information see wiki pages please.

##License Apache License Version 2.0