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Trick to performSelector in swift


performSelector is hidden from swift,can't compile if use performSelector in swift. But performSelector is valid in objective-c. With objc bridge,we can use performSelector now.

quick usage

XPerformSelector.perform(self, selector: "test")

don't know how to use objc in swift? read this first

Swift and Objective-C in the Same Project


+(void) perform: (id)target selector:(SEL)selector;
+(void) perform: (id)target selector:(SEL)selector count:(int)count, ...; 

+(void) perform: (id)target selector:(SEL)selector withObject:(id)arg1;
+(void) perform: (id)target selector:(SEL)selector withObject:(id)arg1 withObject:(id)arg2;

+(void) perform: (id)target selector:(SEL)selector afterDelay:(NSTimeInterval)delay;
+(void) perform: (id)target selector:(SEL)selector withObject:(id)arg1 afterDelay:(NSTimeInterval)delay;