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the classic ZXSpectrum 48k rom font converted to modern formats
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ZX Spectrum font

the classic ZX Spectrum 48k rom font pixel-perfect converted to modern formats

find 4 variations:

  • 'strict' folders contains the basic 96 character set with lots of modern glyphs missing, like ñ and such
  • 'expanded' folders contains a comprehensive (but non-canon) expanded modern character set that will cover most of your uses, including ñ, `, ´, €, ¿, et all
  • 'inverted' folders contain the exact same fonts but in reverse, emulating the 'selected' style where everything white was black and vice-versa

you'll also find the .svg files for every character and the bitfontmaker2 sourceCode used for generate the font

BONUS the 'condensed' folder contains a version that was quite famous back in the day, where characters were just 3 pixels width, and the total character is 4 pixels width, allowing 64 characters per line on your 4:3 TV Screen

made by OOQQ
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