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FTDI Driver issues on OSX #304

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I know first hand that this driver is not our project's problem. However our community knows a lot about the problem and we often end up supporting issues created by it. I wanted to collect all we can about it in once place, and eventually update our readme.

The problem is that the official OSX driver for the commonly used FTDI USB to Serial chipset crashes a lot. Sometimes it hangs, sometimes it just kernel panics. I've personally observed kernel panics when opening the port, and when disconnecting the USB hardware.

I have heard of libFTDI an open source driver but I have not yet used it. It claims to be a lot more stable. (using it would probably require removing the official driver)

None of what I've listed are specifics however. I dug through some of our tickets and found some references to this problem #249 #11 and j5#176 but most of the time it's irl where I see these problems so I don't have them documented.

Please share all you know on the issue and specifics if you have them!

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