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Doesn't appear to work (error from postmark) unless you provide the Content-Length header. #10

antony opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Installed from NPMJS and gave it a go - constant errors (which, consequently, broke error handling too as the errors weren't in JSON format), until I hacked the js file to calculate and send the content length header which is required for POST requests.

Is nobody else experiencing this?


Nobody else is and your proposed fix actually broke a lot of people's code. Please provide supporting test as to why this "isn't working" and why you believe content length (which is by default added by node) isn't present? Are you using UTF-8 code?


Hi There,

My apologies if it broke your code, it was the fix I sent you which made it work for me - as the server was returning a 400 error before I placed that code into the file.

I didn't see any unit, integration or functional tests in the project and I'm quite new to nodejs so I didn't know how I would go about writing one.


I think you can close this issue, Content-Length is added on one of the last pull requests.


done and @Atinux adding you as a collaborator.


@voodootikigod cool!
Glad to help you, I use this module every day on my project, so I will maintain it for a long time!

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