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simpler manager API using louie for callbacks
import openzwave
from louie import dispatcher
class Manager(object):
def __init__(self, device='/dev/keyspan-2', configDir="openzwave/config/"):
calls will fail until the homeid is known. You may have to retry them.
self.options = openzwave.PyOptions()
# Specify the open-zwave config path here
self.manager = openzwave.PyManager()
self._homeId = None
def homeId(self):
if self._homeId is None:
raise ValueError("haven't received a homeId yet")
return self._homeId
def callback(self, n):
self._homeId = n['homeId']
dispatcher.send(n['type'], **n['valueId'])
def getNodes(self):
# there is a point during startup that this will return many
# wrong nodes, but then it settles down to the right
# number. I'm not sure how to filter out that bad window
base = self.manager.getControllerNodeId(self.homeId)
return [Node._init(self, i) for i in
self.manager.getNodeNeighbors(self.homeId, base)]
class Node(object):
def _init(cls, manager, nodeId):
new = cls()
new.manager = manager
new.nodeId = nodeId
for name in '''refreshNodeInfo requestNodeState isNodeListeningDevice
isNodeRoutingDevice getNodeMaxBaudRate getNodeVersion
getNodeSecurity getNodeBasic getNodeGeneric getNodeSpecific
getNodeType getNodeManufacturerName getNodeProductName
getNodeName getNodeLocation getNodeManufacturerId
getNodeProductType getNodeProductId'''.split():
meth = getattr(manager.manager, name)
setattr(new, name,
lambda meth=meth: meth(new.manager.homeId, new.nodeId))
return new
def __repr__(self):
return "<Node %s, id=%s>" % (self.getNodeProductName(), self.nodeId)
def setLevel(self, level):
Sets the basic level of a node
This is a helper method to simplify basic control of a node.
It is the equivalent of changing the value reported by the
nodes Basic command class and will generate a ValueChanged
notification from that class.
@param level The level to set the node. Valid values are
0-99 and 255. Zero is off and 99 is fully on. 255 will turn
on the device at its last known level (if supported).
self.manager.manager.setNodeLevel(self.manager.homeId, self.nodeId, level)
def getLevel(self):
pass # todo: watch for notifications to this node