Alfred 3 workflow for evaluating bitwise expressions.
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Alfred 3 workflow for evaluating bitwise expressions.


  1. Install alfred-bitwise-evaluator workflow.
  2. All further updates are handled automatically.


In Alfred, type bitwise and enter your bitwise expression which shall be evaluated.

bitwise evaluate

Selected result is copied to your clipboard.

bitwise show all

Expression is being evaluated as you type the expression. If expression cannot be evaluated, either for illegal characters or syntax error, user will be notified about that.

bitwise show error

Bitwise expression syntax and operators precedence

Workflow is based on Perl, therefore it uses its syntax and operators precedence, which is easy to use. The golden rule in programming languages is the following: "If you are unsure about the operator precedence, always use parentheses to be sure what you are doing.". It's not a shame!

Bitwise NOT ~a
Bitwise AND a & b
Bitwise OR a
Bitwise XOR a ^ b
Bitwise left shift a << b
Bitwise right shift a >> b

Integer formats

The four formats listed below are printed.

Decimal 1234
Binary 0b1110011
Hexadecimal 0x1234
Octal 01234

Workflow Keyword

The default workflow keyword bitwise could be changed in alfred workflow settings. This variable will not be overwritten once the new workflow update is installed.

bitwise workflow configuration


Before the expression is evaluated, input data will be checked for illegal characters. If those are found, evaluation will not continue. This is done for making the workflow harmless. If you remove this check, you could evaluate any Perl code, which could be pretty dangerous. Do that only if you know what you are doing!!!