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Yet another Alfred 4 workflow for generating passwords.
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Yet another Alfred 4 workflow for generating passwords.


  1. Install the pwgen to your MacOS.

  2. Install alfred-password-generator workflow.

  3. All further updates are handled automatically.


Workflow could be executed by typing passwd followed by the expected password length.

Alfred password generator

Three different passwords will be generated.

  • Alphanumeric password with special characters
  • Alphanumeric password
  • Numeric password

Select the one you would like to use and press Enter. Password will be copied to the cipboard in a transient mode, which means, that password will not be saved in the clipboard history.

Before selection, you can also press to additionally show the selected password using the Alfred Large Type.

Alfred actions submenu screenshot

The default shortcut passwd could be easily changed in workflow settings. Just overwrite the passwd value of keyword.

Alfred actions submenu screenshot

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