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Open English/Czech dictionary for the iOS platform.
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Open English/Czech dictionary for the iOS platform - available in the App Store


My motivation to implement this application was to learn how to develop iOS-based applications. As a side-effect, I also wanted to know what all procedures are required to submit a final app in the Apple App Store.

What you can learn by analyzing this project

  1. SQLite.swift framework
    • How to use Carthage controlled packages
    • How to embed any framework in the app
    • Basic framework usage
  2. Dictionary data database
    • How to convert FDL English/Czech data source to the SQLite database
    • How to add custom build steps
  3. UI
    • How to design UI in XCode StoryBoard editor
    • How to interact with code
    • How to initiate a screen transition (back and forth)
    • How to use the custom controllers and delegates
    • How to use a tap gesture recognizer
    • How to use a table widget
    • How to use a search widget
    • How to use different UI settings for iPhone and iPad
    • How to detect specific iPhone version for disabling UI widgets
  4. Localization
    • How to provide a localization support
  5. VoiceOver support
    • How to detect if any voice is available for the given language
    • How to instruct iOS to say the given text
  6. Lint
    • How to include a swiftlint checks in a build process
    • How to suppress specific rules

Dictionary data

Dictionary data are taken from the Free Dictionaries project, which is good enough for my testing purposes. During the conversion from the data source file to the application SQLite based database, all records which have the empty translation are removed intentionally. At the time of writing this, there were 63541 of such records.


All images are taken from the project.

All available screens in the application

The application is fully translated into the Czech language. However, only the default - English - language is shown here.

Splash screen

dictionary-ios splash screen

English to Czech screens

dictionary-ios en2cz screen dictionary-ios en2cz search screen dictionary-ios en2cz detail screen

Czech to English screens

dictionary-ios cz2en screen dictionary-ios cz2en search screen dictionary-ios cz2en detail screen

About screens

dictionary-ios about screen dictionary-ios components screen


FOSSA Status

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