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Cross-platform lightweight image viewer for a fast image preview.
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Lightweight image viewer for a fast image preview. It has been developed to have the same viewer available for all major operating systems - Microsoft Windows 10, MacOS and GNU/Linux.

The main goal is to have a free of charge cross-platform viewer with a simple design and minimum functions which are commonly used.

  • Transformations
    • Flip (horizontal, vertical).
    • Rotation (clockwise and counterclockwise in 90° steps).
    • Zoom (in, out, original size, fit to window).
  • Fullscreen or Window mode.
  • Custom background color.
  • Custom image border color.
  • Remembers recent files.
  • Supports Apple high definition trackpad gestures.

Application screenshot

Supported image formats cover the very common formats as well as the rare ones. Viewer does not intentionally demosaic the RAW images, but only displays the embedded thumbnail.

GIF Graphic Interchange Format
JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PBM Portable Bitmap
PGM Portable Graymap
PPM Portable Pixmap
XBM X11 Bitmap
XPM X11 Pixmap
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
BMP Windows Bitmap
XCF Gimp
PSD Photoshop Documents
RAS Sun Raster
PCX Personal Computer Exchange
PIC Softimage
TGA Targa
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
ARW Sony Alpha Raw [Inner thumbnail only]
CR2 Canon Raw Version 2 [Inner thumbnail only]
DNG Digital Negative [Inner thumbnail only]
ERF Epson RAW File [Inner thumbnail only]
MOS Leaf Raw Image File [Inner thumbnail only]
MRW Konica Minolta RAW [Inner thumbnail only]
NEF Nikon Raw Image File [Inner thumbnail only]
ORF Olympus Raw Image File [Inner thumbnail only]
PEF Pentax Raw Image File [Inner thumbnail only]
RAF Fuji Raw Image File [Inner thumbnail only]
RW2 Panasonic RAW Image File [Inner thumbnail only]
SRW Samsung RAW Image File [Inner thumbnail only]
X3F SIGMA X3F Camera RAW File [Inner thumbnail only]
[MacOS/Windows only] HEIC High Efficiency Image File Format

All operations have assigned shortcuts and all of them can be user re-assigned except the one which is used for Preferences on MacOS.

⌥c ALT+c ALT+c Clear recent file
q q q Quit application
⌘, p p Preferences
f f f Show image in fullscreen mode
, , , Rotate left
. . . Rotate right
h h h Flip horizontally
v v v Flip vertically
+ + + Zoom in
- - - Zoom out
* * * Zoom reset
w w w Fit to window
[ [ [ Previous image
] ] ] Next image
i i i Scroll up
k k k Scroll down
j j j Scroll left
l l l Scroll right
s s s Toggle statusbar
n n n Toggle filesystem navigation
t t t Toggle toolbar
F1 F1 F1 About application
none none none About components
none none none About Qt
none none none About supported formats

All code developed during this project is GPLv3 licensed. Images as well as the 3rd-party components have their own licenses, see proper LICENSE files in a GitHub Source Tree.


Prebuilt binaries for Windows 7, Windows 10 and MacOS as well as sources are available here. Unix binaries are not prebuilt and can be easily built from sources.

Mac users can install the VookiImageViewer by Homebrew.

brew tap vookimedlo/homebrew-vookiimageviewer
brew cask install vookiimageviewer-macos


All binaries could be built easily. For your convenience, travis-ci is used to continuously check if current source code is buildable on Linux and MacOS.

And the result is:

  • Linux and MacOS: Build Status
  • Windows: Build status


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