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@github-actions github-actions released this 24 Dec 22:03
· 6 commits to master since this release


  • Components: Updated to the latest versions.
  • Core: Minor bug fixes.
  • Image: The JPEG XL & QOI format support added.
  • Image: Minor bug fixes.
  • Tests: The application's core functionality covered by unit tests.

Available packages:

  • Ubuntu Mantic DEB package [amd64]
  • Ubuntu Lunar DEB package [amd64]
  • Ubuntu Jammy DEB package [amd64]
  • Debian Trixie DEB package [amd64]
  • Debian Bookworm DEB package [amd64]
  • Debian Bullseye DEB package [amd64]
  • Fedora-39 RPM package [x86_64]
  • Fedora-38 RPM package [x86_64]
  • Windows 11 x64 Installer
  • Windows 11 x64 Portable Binaries
  • MacOS 14+ DMG
  • MacOS 14+ ZIP - used for a homebrew support
  • Cross-Platform Sources

MacOS Homebrew:

Ubuntu & Debian APT repository:

Fedora RPM repository: