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FOSSA Status Code Quality Score Code Grade CMake

The main purpose of this software was to provide a functional and configurable controlling SW for the Yahboom RGB Cooling HAT. Such SW is currently missing and Yahboom provides only programming samples.

This software is dependant on the wiringPi library.

Build Instructions

cd src
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

The resulting binary is called cooling_hat.


./cooling_hat [-d] [-q] [-r fan_range:...] | [-h] | [-f fan_settings] | [-l led_settings] | [-e effect_settings]

        The following options are available:
                -h                  Shows usage.
                -q                  Suppress logging.
                -d                  Runs as a daemon.
                -f fan_settings     Sets the fan speed to the specified value and quits.
                                       0: Fan Off
                                       1: 100% speed
                                       2:  20% speed
                                       3:  30% speed
                                       4:  40% speed
                                       5:  50% speed
                                       6:  60% speed
                                       7:  70% speed
                                       8:  80% speed
                                       9:  90% speed
                -l led_settings     Sets the given LED to the specified R,G,B values and quits.
                                    led_settings: LED_NUMBER,RED,GREEN,BLUE
                                       LED_NUMBER: 0-2
                                       LED_NUMBER: 3 ... all LEDs
                                              RED: 0-255
                                            GREEN: 0-255
                                             BLUE: 0-255
                -e effect_settings  Sets the LEDs effect to the specified values and quits.
                                    effect_settings: EFFECT,SPEED,COLOR
                                       EFFECT: 0 ... water light
                                       EFFECT: 1 ... breathing light
                                       EFFECT: 2 ... marquee
                                       EFFECT: 3 ... rainbow lights
                                       EFFECT: 4 ... colorful lights
                                        SPEED: 0 ... low
                                        SPEED: 1 ... medium
                                        SPEED: 2 ... high
                                        COLOR: 0 ... red
                                        COLOR: 1 ... green
                                        COLOR: 2 ... blue
                                        COLOR: 3 ... yellow
                                        COLOR: 4 ... purple
                                        COLOR: 5 ... cyan
                                        COLOR: 6 ... white
                -r fan_range        Sets the fan ranges. If multiple fan_range are specified they need to be ordered from the lowest temperature!
                                    fan_range: UPPER_RANGE,fan_settings
                                       UPPER_RANGE: 0-255

Run upon a system start

The systemd service script was implemented to have the starting and stopping under the control.

To enable it, just copy the provided systemd/cooling_hat.service to the /etc/systemd/system/. Do not forget to build the cooling_hat binary and copy it over to the /opt/bin/.

Fan speed and temperature ranges may be adjusted per your needs. Simply change the line ExecStart=/opt/bin/cooling_hat -r 30,0:40,3:60,5:70,9 -d and provide your ranges (see the -r argument).

Then, the service needs to be enabled.

sudo systemctl enable cooling_hat.service

Restart your RPi and check that the service is running.

systemctl list-units --type service --all

UNIT                                                        LOAD      ACTIVE   SUB     DESCRIPTION                                                       
cooling_hat.service                                         loaded    active   running Yahboom's Cooling Hat control service  

All logging is redirected to the /var/log/syslog which might be useful for debugging purposes. The output can be suppressed by the -q argument, which is specified by default in the systemd service.

Many thanks to @abecko who provided his yahboom HW and got the idea for implementing this!


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