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Lean Web Kit to kick-start your web project.
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Lean Web Kit

Lean Web Kit to kick-start your web project.

The Lean Web Kit is a universal Vue.js app made with Nuxt.js. The app is connected to a hosted headless CMS called Dato CMS. The app is deployed on Netlify and is configured to use Netlify cloud functions to connect back-end services.

To use it for your project, download a copy or run npx degit voorhoede/lean-web-kit using degit.


Getting started

Read our complete getting started guide here. This guide will help you with the CMS setup, cloning the repository and deploying your project using Netlify. In case all you need is a copy of the repository, proceed by following the steps below.

  • Clone the repository.
  • Copy .env.example to .env and set the environment variables. Copy them from the Netlify build configuration or ask your tech lead.
  • Run app in development mode (npm run dev), see scripts.
  • Changes on master and content publishing from the CMS trigger a new build and deploy to the live environment.


dist/             <- generated app
  client/         <- generated client-side app
  server/         <- generated server-side app

src/              <- source files
  client/         <- Nuxt app
    assets/       <- core files, not public
    components/   <- Vue components
    layouts/      <- base layout for pages
    pages/        <- view per route
    static/       <- public assets
    functions/    <- Netlify cloud functions
    lib/          <- shared cloud function helpers

test/             <- end-to-end tests and helpers

.env              <- local environment variables
cypress.json      <- end-to-end test configuration
dato.config.js    <- data dump configuration
netlify.toml      <- Netlify build & function config
nuxt.config.js    <- Nuxt app config


This project requires Node.js (>= v8) and npm (comes with Node).

After installing dependencies using npm install the following scripts are available:

npm run ... Description
analyze Analyze the bundles created during build.
build Builds client, guide and server for production to dist/.
data Download data from Dato CMS to src/static/data/.
dev Serves client app on http://localhost:5326 ("lean" in T9) with hot reloading.
guide Serves guide on http://localhost:5327 for local development.
proxy Exposes app on localhost to world wide web for testing on other devices.
start Serves production version of client app from (/dist/) on http://localhost:5326.
test Runs tests on production build of the app.
watch Runs tests on app during development.
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