The almighty Voorhoede playbook, synced from Dropbox Paper.
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De Voorhoede Playbook

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Playbook in the form of a website generated with Vuepress and fetched Dropbox Paper documents.


Quick start

Initial setup

git clone
cd playbook
npm ci

Set environment

All needed environment variables are listed in the .env.example file. To automatically set them fill in a .env file following the same structure as the example file.

cp .env.example .env



Fetch content and start local server to preview the website.

npm start


npm run docs:content
npm run docs:build

Codebase overview


  • src contains the logic needed to fetch & transform content before building.
  • docs/.vuepress contains Vuepress configuration and front-end assets.

Because Vuepress does not support asynchronous configuration the fetching content and building the website is seperated. Which means the needed sidebar data is written to a temporary file so it can be synchronously read from docs/.vuepress/config.js.


Unit tests are present in each file matching the implementation filename ending with .test.js and are ran with: npm test.


The code is written in a functional style using Sanctuary to provide simple, pure functions with no need for null checks.