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corrected spelling "hiding".

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@@ -168,13 +168,13 @@ a particular Cell, Spreadsheet will leave it untouched:
row[6] = 2008, 10, 12
# -> the Format of cell 6 is left unchanged.
-== Outline (Grouping) and Hidding
-Spreadsheet supports outline (grouping) and hidding functions from version
+== Outline (Grouping) and Hiding
+Spreadsheet supports outline (grouping) and hiding functions from version
0.6.5. In order to hide rows or columns, you can use 'hidden' property.
As for outline, 'outline_level' property is also available. You can use
both 'hidden' and 'outline_level' at the same time.
-You can create a new file with outline and hidding rows and columns as
+You can create a new file with outline and hiding rows and columns as
require 'spreadsheet'

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