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reStructuredText parser : JRst


reStructuredText is a document markup system. Like LaTex or DocBook, it can be converted into a multitude of output formats. Most markup systems have a very complex syntax which, though necessary to maintain a high level of control over specific document layout tasks, is less desirable for the creation of simple documents with standard layouts. RST, on the other hand, has a such a simple syntax that it becomes almost invisible.

JRST is a Java ReStructuredText parser which generates an XML tree from RST documents. This tree, in turn, may be transformed into a variety of abitrary output formats through the use of standard tools.

How to use it

The JRST parser takes a reStructuredText file and generates an XML file. This XML file, taken together with an appropriate XSL file, may be then be transformed into a variety of output formats. Currently available output formats include HTML, xhtml, rst, pdf, docbook, odt(Open-Office), rtf, and XML.

JRST myfile.rst

This command converts myfile.rst into an XML file which will be sent to the standard output (console). Several options are available :

-o file,--outFile=file to write to a file. -t format,--outType format to specify output format

Several formats are available including xhtml, docbook, xml, HTML, xdoc, rst, pdf, odt, rtf.

-x xslFile,--xslFile xslFile to specify the XSL file to use --force to overwrite an existing output file --help to display available options

Usage: [options] FILE
   [--force] : overwrite existing output file
   [--help] : display this help and exit
   [--outFile -o value] : output file
   [--outType -t /xhtml|docbook|xml|html|xdoc|rst/] : output type
   [--xslFile -x value] : comma separated list of XSL files to apply

NOTE : Only html, xhtml, DocBook, xdoc and pdf are available at the moment.

ex :

JRST --force -t html -o myfile.html myfile.rst

This command produces an html file (myfile.html) from the rst file (myfile.rst) even if myfile.html already exists.

Maven Plugin

A Maven plugin is available at the following location: It enables the use of JRST from Maven.