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Aug 17, 2017
Nov 28, 2017

minecraft-storeys-maker Build Status

Minecraft extension to make your own stories in, with and for Minecraft - it's like being a movie director!

Minecraft Stories Maker

Please do Star & Watch this GitHub project if you like it!

Scratch integration

This project has four parts, delivered separately:

  1. Minecraft plugin, described below, lets you create stories by writing .story text files.
  2. Another Minecraft plugin, described in a separate README, lets you script Minecraft with Scratch!
  3. Third option, in another separate README, create a javascript 'story'.
  4. Separately, and not (yet?) Minecraft integrated, the Engine.

Get it

Download the latest storeys-master-all.jar file from Bintray.

Place it into your Minecraft, typically the mods/ directory of a Vanilla server.

Tested on Sponge Vanilla 7.0.0 (Minecraft 1.12.1) and Sponge Vanilla 5.1.0 (Minecraft 1.10.2). Likely works on Sponge Forge as well.

Use it

Write your own .story file, e.g. see hello.story.

Run it with /story <story-name> (without .story suffix, so e.g. /story hello)

Story syntax

// Comment

= Title
== Subtitle

/tp 0 0 0

%await 2s

/tp -235 64 230 17 12

This is something which will appear on the chat.

@entityName this is something that the entity will "narrate" (in its name tag, like a speech bubble in a cartoon)
you can use more than one line; everything until the next paragraph break (double new line) will be part of the narration.
You do not have to break up the text yourself - it will automatically be "chopped up" appropriately by itself.

Now this will appear on the chat again (unless there is a '@' character in front again).

You can of course use ANY Minecraft command in any line that starts with the '/' character, not just /tp.

An entity's name must be given to your actors with a name tag (created via an Anvil), as always in normal Minecraft.

The %await action is is useful e.g. if you are teleporting your viewer around to show him a scenery, and need the story to "pause" (to appreciate the beauty of your creation). You do not need to explicitly use this otherwise, as the story automatically pauses appropriately when narrating, showing titles and chat.

You can obviously mix the order and repeat titles, comments, chats, narrations, commands and actions.


  • /story <story-name> plays a story, read from config/storeys/stories/<story-name>.story
  • /narrate <entityName> Text.. makes an entity "narrate" the Text

Build it


./gradlew build

Locally in a container


cd ../s2i-minecraft-server
docker build -t minecraft-server .

cd ../minecraft-storeys-maker
docker build -t minecraft-storeys-maker .

docker run --rm -p 25565:25565 -p 8080:8080 -p 7070:7070 minecraft-storeys-maker


With S2I, and with git reset and clean due to #28 and #71:

cd ../s2i-minecraft-server
s2i build --copy . fabric8/s2i-java s2i-minecraft-server

cd ../minecraft-storeys-maker
git reset --hard; git clean -d -f -x
s2i build --copy . s2i-minecraft-server minecraft-storeys-maker

docker run --rm -p 25565:25565 -p 8080:8080 -p 7070:7070 minecraft-storeys-maker

OpenShift simple

oc new-build fabric8/s2i-java~

oc new-app s2i-minecraft-server~

This may fail if Builds have memory constraints; if so, Edit YAML to change resources: {} to resources:\n limits:\n memory: 2Gi.

Now expose the Minecraft server port 25565 via a LoadBalancer service, and similarly also (specific to this plugin) expose our JS web site code and Vert.x EventBus port, for now via Edit YAML on the minecraft-storeys-maker(-server) Service, and adding 7070 and 8080 just like 25565. NB that you do not set the nodePort: when editing the YAML; it will get automatically added. We then have to set Environment variables on the minecraft-storeys-maker(-server) Deployment:

oc get services

storeys_jsURL = http://<EXTERNAL-IP>:7070/minecraft.scratchx.js
storeys_eventBusURL = http://<EXTERNAL-IP>:8080/eventbus

OpenShift development

It helps to Edit YAML to add incremental: true to the strategy: / sourceStrategy: (This may not work on OpenShift Online, yet).

To use an un-published S2I Java builder image you have to first:

oc new-build --context-dir=java/images/centos

and then:

oc new-build s2i~

If have this project's source code locally, then (the rm .../node_modules is because of issue 28):

rm -rf scratch/.gradle/ scratch/node_modules
oc start-build minecraft-storeys-maker --from-dir=. --follow


Seriously, "storeys" (not "stories") Maker, are you mental? Yeah.. just to avoid any possible confusion with Minecraft Story Mode! ;-)

License? Contributions? Licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 (AGPLv3). Contributions most welcome.