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Smoorth Streams TV Channel for Plex.
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Plex Plugin for SmoothStreamsTV


Forked from on 25 MAR 2017 Rewritten based of Cigaras IPTV Bundle in DEC 2017

This is a Plex plugin to access your SmoothStreamsTV account.



Set your username, password and service according to your provider.


Useful for faultfinding or for a simpler interface.

  • No: Normal mode
  • Yes: Channels only mode
  • Yes (no EPG): Channels only mode with zero epg data
  • Test: Has 6 different methods for launching channel 1 to help identify client issues.

My Search

This is an area where you can setup custom entries for the plugin's home page. This will do a search based on the terms. You can use any strings to match the title, description or category in the guide. Items are separated by a semicolon (;) so that you can make multiple entries.


US Sports:NFL NHL NBA Baseball;Devils:"New Jersey Devils";NBA;NFL

Would make six entries.

  • All shows in the NHL category and any other shows with the term 'NHL' in the title or description. This will get a custom title of 'LiveNHL'
  • All shows in the NFL category and shows with the term 'NFL' in the title or description
  • All shows matching the words: NFL NHL NBA and Baseball with a custom title of 'US Sports'
  • All shows matching the exact string "New Jersey Devils". This will get a custom title of 'Devils'


Selection of video stream type. HLS is smoother but has a 15 sec delay compared to RTMP. If your client is only able to accept one type then you can enter it into the lists below. For a list of the correct terms to use refer client-platform in:

Stream Quality (Select channels only)

Selection of Either Low Quality, High Quality or High Definition video streams

Number of Channels that carry multiple qualities

Set to 60 as currently only 60 channels respond to the above stream quality selections.

Sports Only?

  • On: Use the default, official guide which only shows live sporting events.
  • Off: Use the extended guide (thanks fog) which shows content for all channels. This will make the plugin slower because of the larger guide information.


From version 0.5 the plugin will autoupdate, if this happens you may notice the plugin being slow or refreshing.



Report issues preferably on SSTV forums. If possible share the most recent log file from PLEXHOMEDIR/Logs/PMS Plugins Logs/com.plexapp.plugins.smoothstreamstv.log


Issue: "Not enough bandwidth for any playback of this item. Cannot convert to below minimum bandwidth of 77kbps" Possible Causes: Upload limit set on server. Remote/Internet Quality not set to 'Original' on Client. Exhibited on PMS versions since ~Jun 2017.

Issue: Streams stop every XX minutes. Possible Cause: Regional Server issues, try a different one.

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