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@@ -6,16 +6,23 @@ N.B. This process was an initial attempt and is subject to change :)
To create a new project from scratch:
1. Create a top level project directory. Add an empty ebin/ directory.
- - (N.B. also create a dummy file to commit to git)
+(N.B. also create a dummy file to commit to git)
2. Create a new heroku instance:
git init
heroku create --stack cedar
heroku config:add BUILDPACK_URL=
3. Add ChicagoBoss as git submodule (also repeat for cb_admin if required)
git submodule add ChicagoBoss
+4. Create app
cd ChicagoBoss; make; make app PROJECT=myapp
5. Add Procfile, from this project - edit project name in
6. Edit myapp/ - add the following sections: (running erl with the -sname param causes heroku startup to fail)
@@ -33,24 +40,33 @@ To create a new project from scratch:
7. Edit myapp/boss.config
- change boss path line to:
{path, "../ChicagoBoss"},
- change port line to:
{port, {env, "PORT"}},
- N.B. above currently requires ChicagoBoss HEAD to work
-7. Deploy! (git add .; git push heroku master)
+7. Deploy!
+ git add .; git push heroku master
A few caveats:
- This is based on using the heroku supplied erlang buildpack at:
- A better solution would be to modify the buildpack to build CB at the compile stage (as opposed to the run stage)
- As such, the above solution may crash at the first deploy due to the app not starting within 60secs. Run:
heroku logs -t
in a seperate window to keep an eye on the deployment/startup process.
Heroku specific stuff: (if you are not familiar with using Heroku)
heroku info
...will display info about the current project (app url, git url etc)

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