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Port of the Decode theme to Pelican engine
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Port of the theme to blog engine.

This is still work in progress theme. It requires Pelican version 3.0 or greater.

License: GPL v3

Ken Mathenge added Disqus comments, Google analytics. Some People do use them, don't use the relevant settings in if you do not need them.

This supports all of these settings (which you would add to the file).

DISQUS_SITENAME	Pelican can handle disqus comments, specify the sitename you’ve filled in on disqus
GITHUB_URL	Your github URL (if you have one), it will then use it to create a github ribbon.
MENUITEMS	A list of tuples (Title, Url) for additional menu items to appear at the beginning of the main menu.
GOOGLE_ANALYTICS	‘UA-XXXX-YYYY’ to activate google analytics.
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