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Small node.js cli tool that allows to tweet from bash, zsh, whatever..

How to use it

Install module globally:

npm install -g node-tweet-cli

You will be able to use tweet command in your shell.

Start with authorizing your twitter account and start tweeting :)

Commands to use

There are description of available commands here:

tweet login

The tweet login command manages authorization flow. It redirects you to where you need to login and get a PIN. Enter PIN in the terminal prompt and "voilà!" - you are able to tweet from your terminal.

tweet login

tweet logout

The tweet logout command unauthorizes your twitter account from node-tweet-cli.

tweet logout

tweet create (or tweet new)

The tweet create command allows you to post tweets into your twitter account. You will be prompted to type a message.

tweet create

or alias:

tweet new

tweet read

The tweet read command posts message to twitter but reads it from stdin, enabling use with scripting.

echo "your tweet message" | tweet read


tweet read < yourInputFile

tweet whoami

The tweet whoami command shows current twitter account name.

tweet whoami

tweet stream [options]

Streams tweets to the console, optionally as json.

tweet stream twitter


tweet stream twitter --json

Warning The latter option dumps a lot of json in your console. Make sure your console is able to keep up, or (preferably) pipe to another utility. The latter is actually the use case this option is designed for.

tweet timeline [options]

Streams your timeline to the console, optionally as json.

tweet timeline


tweet timeline --json

To do

  • tweeting with images


If you have suggestions or found a bug please create an issue here. Thanks!

(c) 2013-2015 MIT License